Monday, March 12, 2012

This is Happy.



Not only was it Daylight Savings Time this weekend so we get to enjoy being outside longer, but it was about 70'! (I am going to selfishly enjoy the weather, even though I know it is a bad sign and a result of global warming).

You and Hads have been taking classes as Boulder Indoor Cycling this winter, and you LOVE riding around on your Skuut! We are so lucky to live in a place that provides so many amazing opportunities to families to get exercise year-round.


Thursday, March 8, 2012


We were in LA last month visiting the DeRomas. You guys had a BLAST! Aside from going to Disneyland for the first time, you got to spend some fabulous time with Bodhi. It was so much fun watching the three of you together.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My sweet, sweet....CRAZY .... B.

God you are funny. You are adventurous, outgoing, full of humor, pouty, overly dramatic and within it all, incredibly polite. You can be whining and pouting and being an overall pill about something ridiculous, and yet still squeak out a "please" or "Tank You!" without being asked.

In all the ways I've spent my life waiting to see how others did it, you take the opposite side of the fence as a hand-raiser. You have no fear, no sense of embarrassment or being unsure of yourself. And it is a beautiful site as a parent to watch. It's also scary, thinking about all the ways this personality of yours will get you into trouble one day! But for now, it's wonderful.

Just the other night, we were downtown walking around after dinner. There was a great street musician singing and playing his guitar, and before we even picked out a bench you had kicked off your flip-flops and started twirling and dancing and entertaining the crowd! It was magical.

You are magical.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Ok - a few days late. You can blame it all on Hadley. :-)

You're TWO! Oh my gosh. I love it. You are so funny, and silly, and naughty, and smart and all those amazing things 2 years old's possess.

We had your birthday party this weekend. The weather was gorgeous and we spent the entire day outside. Ellary (ok - Todd) let us borrow their jumpy castle so for the entire afternoon you, Hads, Ellary, Keira, Paige and BODHI jumped and jumped and jumped. It was so fun.

So Bodhi. Me thinks you love him. For real. You say his name in such a way that you almost blush, and you constantly try to get him to hug or kiss you. This - from the girl who has all the little 2 year old boys at school chasing her - is chasing the 16 month old boy. Good choice though. He's so adorable.

Nana and Papa arrive tomorrow. I don't think Papa is going to know what to do with you! He hasn't seen you since last summer. To say you've changed is at the very least an understatement. It will be a great visit and I know you're going to love every minute of it.

I can't wait for what this next year brings you. Every day you and Hadley become better friends. Every day your communication grows exponentially. Every day I love you more.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potty Time!

You've been a bit reluctant to really give this whole potty training thing a go. We haven't pushed it, because we wanted you to get into the Tod 2 room at school for consistency. You moved up last week, but so far you've expressed no interest there.... However - the other night, on a whim, you decided to sit on the red Baby Bjorn potty. Hadley thought she'd show you how to use it before bath, and you thought it looked like fun. So you took off your diaper, sat down, and after a minute or so you said "all done!", stood up and there it was! You peed. We were so excited!

But you haven't wanted to sit on it again. One thing at a time. :-)


Friday, January 7, 2011

19 and 20 months.....oops.

Ugh. It’s been a while. Sorry about that! I actually formulate posts all the time, and then never actually get them written. This might be a long one!

So. Dare I say….I think we may the sleeping thing fixed. At least mostly. In a state of pure desperation, the first week of December I purchased a book called “Good Night, Sleep Tight.” Greatest. Sleep. Book. Ever. Daddy and I knew we were never going to let you cry-it-out alone, but continually allowing you to fall asleep in our arms only to wake up a few hours later and need us to fall back to sleep was not an option either. So we tried out this book’s method of “weaning” you. The gist is to re-train you to learn to fall asleep by yourself in your crib. The first night was the hardest – hand’s down. I put you in your crib, drowsy but awake. And I sat on the floor right next to your crib and calmly tried to talk to you and rub your back while you screamed at me and stood up asking to get out – for over an hour. And you woke up later in the night and we went through it all over again. But by the second night, you only took 30 minutes to fall asleep, and 15 minutes in the middle of the night. We’ve had a few ups and downs (you got a double ear infection right in the middle of the training cycle so we had to put it on hold for about a week). But now we’re at the point where we put you in your crib, tell you we’re right outside your door, and every few minutes check on you until you fall asleep. It takes anywhere from 5 – 15 minutes depending on how ‘active’ you are. You’ve even resorted to jumping up and down and laughing in your crib. But you no longer get mad at us or demand that we pick you up. You still have a bad night in the middle of the night every once in a while, where it will take over an hour to get you to calm down and fall asleep, but those are so rare these days. And you are so happy again! AND YOU NAP! So clearly, the experts are right: sleep begets sleep. (insert sigh of relief here)

Your language is continually exploding every day. You are starting to form sentences and you are really getting good at communicating with all of us. I love it! My current favorite word is “muk” – which is milk. We’ve all adopted it – like when we adopted the word “gunks” from Hadley. I can’t even keep track of how many words you have now – it’s wonderful. And it’s so funny, because your sister at this age barely said anything. Now, keep in mind, she started speaking in full sentences around 2 and never stopped….. but it’s still another funny way you are choosing to be different from her.

Though you still love to read more than anything, you have become quite opinionated about which books you’ll let us read to you and which ones you won’t. Though you love it now, you even dismissed “Goodnight Moon” about 10 times before you’d let us read it! Seriously. Greatest toddler bedtime book ever, loved by bazillions. And you wouldn’t have it. That’s my B. There are evenings where, sitting in your rocking chair, I have to present 7-8 books to get 3 read. If I try to read a book you aren’t interested in hearing, you slam it shut, usually with my hand still inside.

Movies are a different story. YOU LOVE TV! You are your father’s daughter. It doesn’t even have to be a cartoon – case in point:” The Princess Bride”. You love it. At the end of the day when you in walk in the door after school, the current routine goes something like this:
-throw jacket on floor
-walk to cabinet and demand a “SNACK!”
-walk over to bookshelf and beg for a movie
And if we deny you said movie, you generally throw yourself on the tile floor and fake-sob (while we ignore you) until you decide to get up and see what Hadley is doing. It’s quite comical.

I think I’ll wait to talk about Christmas until I get some of those photos uploaded. I’ll try to do that this weekend. 